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From The Scratch
Volume One

Frontline Records 1993
Music Style: Rock

Available on compact disc.

Track Listing:
1.  Carnival of Souls - Saviour Machine
2.  Rift - Mortal
3.  Rift (Live) - Mortal
4.  Not the Same - Mad at the World
5.  Love House - Jacobs Trouble

6.  Exoskeletons - Tourniquet
7.  You Gotta Move (Live) - Rose

8.  Justified - Die Happy
9.  Justified (Live) - Die Happy
10. Cybernation - X-Propagation
11. Death Stroke - Global Wave System
12. Impulsation - Mortification
13. Neplusultra - Mortal

14. Ruminating Virulence - Tourniquet
15. Seeds of Sorrow - Rose
16. Force of the Entity - Saviour Machine

"Since 1986 [sic], Mad at the World has created five very divergent alternative records.  Each MATW project has a completely creative and different direction. [The] Ferris Wheel continues this diversity.  Cleverly melodic with touches of psychedelia, MATW's DEBUT SINGLE, "NOT THE SAME", will propel you back into the sixties.  I'm diggin' on this crazy vibe, peace in Jesus brothers and sisters.  Now where did I put those bell bottoms?  PLAY IT!"

The song "Not the Same" originally appeared on the studio album The Ferris Wheel.