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This Is Rock Radio /
art for the ears vol. 3

Frontline Records 1991
Music Style: Rock

Available on compact disc.

Track Listing:
1.  I Wouldn't Need You - Rick Elias
2.  Media Mania - Ken Tamplin
3.  Written In Red - Cindy Cruse
4.  Listen Up - Liaison

5.  All The Way - Mark Farner

6.  Draggin' The Chains - M.A.T.W.
7.  Cover Me - Angelica

8.  Etched In Stone - Ransom
9.  Broken Chromosomes - Tourniquet
10. Before The Time - Vengeance Rising
11. No Return - Mortification
12. Love Is The Answer - Ge Gee
13. Repent Now - M.C.R.G.
14. Crucifix - Apocalypse
15. Get Under The Blood Stream - P.I.D.

16. Five minutes with Rick Elias

"Voted the best alternative rock band in the 1991 Heaven's Metal readers poll, Mad At The World refuses to compromise stylistically or lyrically. Choosing to avoid buzzwords and pat phrases, mainstay member Roger Rose opts for expressing the principles that define daily living and continues to stretch the musical and lyrical parameters of our industry.

Boomerang, the band's fourth release on Alarma Records, is an album that may make some uncomfortable, but then sin, rebellion, sexual infidelity and demonic oppression are not 'feel good' issues. Yet in the midst of these difficulties MATW paints a picture of healing and promise, encouraging each of us to cling to that which can only come from a personal relationship with God. Boomerang is based on Galatians 6:7&8 - in essence, whatever you throw out in word or deed will come back to you just like a boomerang."

The song "Draggin' The Chains" originally appeared on the studio album Boomerang.