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Flowers in the Rain/Boomerang

KMG Records 1998
Music Style: Synthpop, Rock

Available on compact disc.

Disc One:
1.  Fearfully and Wonderfully
2.  Flowers in the Rain
3.  Why
4.  Puppet Strings
5.  No Mistakes
6.  Wait
I Don't Wanna Go There
8.  Faith is a Perfect Road
9.  In My Dream
10. Lovelight in the Moonlight
11. This Lie
12. Dancing on Your Grave

Disc Two:
1.  House of Sin
2.  If You Listen
3.  Back to You
4.  Don't Give Up
5.  Ballad of Adam and Eve
6.  Sunday
7.  Draggin' the Chains
8.  All These Questions
9.  Isn't Sex a Wonderful Thing?
10. No More Innocence (Reprise)

"While changing musical styles can be a harrowing experience for musical acts, Mad At The World made the transition from one type of contemporary music to another with finesse.  The self-titled debut, and its follow up, Flowers In The Rain, featured keyboard-centered new wave (imagine a sanctified Depeche Mode).  Later records such as Seasons Of Love (also available in the Value Disc series) and Boomerang removed the keyboards and added all the components of loud, classic rock and roll musically akin to The Cult and other steady, solid rock bands.  Always avoiding the metal label, and more creative than most hard rock bands, MATW created their own niche.

Flowers In The Rain (1988) stands the test of time as a quality Christian new wave record, guaranteed to still attract new listeners.  Boomerang (1991) was the second installment in MATW's conversion from new wave, and contained the controversial hit, "Isn't Sex A Wonderful Thing?," a Biblical commentary on the abuses of sex.  Both albums can now be enjoyed in this package."