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Mad at the World/Seasons of Love

KMG Records 1998
Music Style: Synthpop, Rock

Available on compact disc.

Disc One:
1.  Living Dead
2.  All the Lonely Sheep
3.  I Want to See Heaven
4.  No Room Left
5.  Easy Way Out
6.  Bad Motives
No More Innocence
8.  It Can't Rain Forever
9.  Here We Go Again
10. Dry Your Tears
11. Mad at the World
12. Chance of Luck

Disc Two:
1.  The Narrow Road
2.  Seasons of Love
3.  City of Anger
4.  When the Wind Blows
5.  Marshmallow Land
6.  Summer's Gone
7.  Promised Land (The Deception of Drugs)
8.  So Insane
9.  It's Not a Joke
10. The Love That Never Fades
11. Seasons of Love (Reprise)

"Few Christian bands have enjoyed the longevity and underground critical acclaim as Mad At The World.  From the day mailman and lead singer Roger Rose stuck a tape in a record company executive's mailbox till current times, Mad At The World has turned heads with their provocative music.

Interestingly enough, MATW is one of the few bands to successfully switch from one musical genre to another.  While their debut, Mad At The World (1987) and follow-up, Flowers In The Rain (1988) were filled with synthesized new wave, the next album, Seasons Of Love (1990), featured a stripped down heavy rock sound that was ahead of its time.

Long out of print, two of MATW's landmark albums, Mad At The World and Seasons Of Love are awaiting your hungry ears."