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World History

KMG Records ©1998
Music Style: Synthpop, Rock, Alternative Rock

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Track Listing:
1.  That Lonesome Road
2.  It's Not A Joke
3.  Fearfully And Wonderfully
4.  Dry Your Tears
5.  Not The Same
6.  Back To You
This Lie
8.  Living Dead
9.  Marshmallow Land
10. I've Got A Heaven
11. No More Innocence
12. Eyes Of Heaven
13. Ballad Of Adam And Eve
14. In My Dream

"Few Christian bands have enjoyed the longevity and underground critical acclaim as Mad At The World.  From the day mailman and lead singer Roger Rose stuck a tape in a record company executive's mailbox till current times, Mad At The World has turned heads with their provocative music.

Their progression from keyboard driven angst to 'wall of guitars' social awareness is captured in this collection.  The unifying thread is the Rose brothers' great writing, vocals, arrangements and spiritual challenges to take control of your life by following God's eternal plan.  Sit back and enjoy this seven [sic] album retrospective of Mad At The World's history."

This "greatest hits" collection does not include songs from the seventh album The Dreamland Café.

Some reviewers have mistakenly stated that these songs were re-recorded for this release.  All of the songs are the original studio recordings.