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At The Edge

Frontline Records ©1987
Music Style: Alternative

Available on cassette.

Track Listing:
1.  Solo Flight - Crumbächer
2.  I Want To See Heaven - Mad at the World
3.  Ain't It Pretty - Jon Gibson
4.  Name Droppers -
5.  A Sigh For You - Daniel Amos
6.  Only One - Crystal Lewis & Wild Blue Yonder

7.  Heartbeat - Wild Blue Yonder
8.  Hollywood And God - Carson Cole & RU4
9.  Unconditional - Altar Boys
10. You Are Loved - Altar Boys
11. Breakaway - Idle Cure
12. Anguish And Pain - Bloodgood

"Mad at the World...A devastating combination of 80's technology, eternal truth and avant garde vocals. The most impressive debut since Larry Norman's seminal 'Upon This Rock'."

This Frontline release was only distributed in Europe.

The song "I Want To See Heaven" originally appeared on the studio album Mad At The World.