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CHR Sampler 95 -
Spring Tunes

Frontline Records ©1995
Music Style: Alt Rock

Available on compact disc.

Track Listing:
1.  When the Love is Right (to Lizett) - Tourniquet
2.  Pray - The Echoing Green
3.  On the Stage - Mad at the World
4.  Ring True - poor old lu
5.  Awesome God - Reggae Worship Vol. 2

6.  Till We Get the Healing Done - Shades of Blue

"Roger Rose (vocals/gtr), Randy Rose (drums), Mike Link (bass), and Ben Jacobs (gtr) offer a cleverly crafted song about life on the road in a Christian band.  Mad at the World are veterans of the ccm music scene and The Dreamland Café is their strongest effort in years... for fans of PFR, Newsboys, Jellyfish, Beatles."

The song "On the Stage" originally appeared on the studio album The Dreamland Café.